About SideFive Media

In 2007, we created Side Five, our goal to help local businesses establish their web presence. Until 2013 SideFive served as a non-profit, largely volunteer project. We’ve since branched out, expanding into a broad range of web services. We now have resources, partners & staff to provide our clients with all the services needed to create and maintain their online brand.

From concept, to strategy, to logo and branding, we’re creative, streamlined and efficient. All our custom code is written for responsive web design, ensuring your website looks great on smartphones and tablets alike.

As part of our package we also offer affordable, fast, local web hosting. And we give our clients access to valuable statistics and analytical data. Insights like this help us streamline the end-user experience, improving usability, increasing efficiency and ultimately, profits for our clients.

When it comes to on-page optimization, we’re able to take calculated, data-driven steps to produce measurable results. Rather than making changes to the site based on a hunch or personal preference, we perform split A/B testing to determine which version produces the best results. With these tests, we’re able to hone your website to achieve specific goals.

Call 206-395-8647. We’re happy to help.

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