Conversion Rate Optimization

When someone lands on your website, what do you want them to do? Setting up a goal for your visitor, and having them achieve it, is referred to as a conversion. We implement industry standard best-practices to help guide your visitors to achieving your goal, or converting. The percentage of visitors who achieve your goal is known as your conversion rate.

In order to optimize your conversion rate, SideFive installs tools on your website like Google Analytics to track and monitor data about your website users. With tools like this, we’re able to determine who your audience is, what keywords they used to find you, which pages are most popular, where people are clicking on your site, and more. Adding this application is a great first step to determining how to improve your site.

We’re able to create and track multiple goals on your site, and by gauging visitor flow, we can adjust on-page elements to streamline the success. We create funnels to help visualize where people are dropping out or abandoning your conversion process.

By analyzing data, we’re able to theorize about new design layouts, headlines or calls-to-action (CTAs). Your objective might be a newsletter sign-up, a phone call, an online purchase, a quote request, or getting visitors to click an advertisement. We’ve seen amazing results for email sign-ups, just by pointing a big arrow at the email form. And you might be surprised by how a color choice for hyperlinks can affect click-through rate (or CTR).

Once we’ve determined what we think could be improved, we don’t just change it and cross our fingers. Rather, we utilize A/B testing software to equally split your traffic between the original version and the new variation. With real-time reporting on conversion rates, we’re able to see which version produces the best results, and then make the winner permanent.

SideFive can build you a measurably better performing website. Call 206-395-8647 to speak with an expert.

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