Search Engine Optimization

Without search engines, most internet users wouldn’t find our sites. These days, companies build entire departments around SEO. With so many SEO professionals constantly trying to understand and beat Google’s Algorithm, best practices have been proven and documented. Also, in the past couple years, Google has become much more open about what they’re doing, which helps SEO’s adapt quickly to algorithm changes like Panda and Penguin.

Google wants to provide its users with a quality experience, so they look at several indicators. Most of these “quality indicators” are a direct result of providing a genuine, organic, useful product for your visitors. Lets be honest, optimizing your site for search engines doesn’t mean anything unless your traffic is finding what they’re looking for.

Almost everyone knows Google looks at inbound, external links. Many don’t know they’re also looking at time-on-site, bounce rate, scroll rate, above-the-fold content value, and social media reach. Your site needs to be connected socially. We can help you establish your brand on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, linkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

We use insider SEO tools to help analyze back-link profiles, page-rank and domain authority. We keep detailed daily reports so we can track progress.

For local businesses, it’s important that you get your company listed on Google Places & Maps. By doing this, you can bring new customers into your building where otherwise, they would’ve never found you. This can prove invaluable for your bottom-line.

We’re glad to do an initial analysis and consultation to determine your needs and suggest a strategy. Give us a call today: 206-395-8647

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