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At SideFive, we offer a complete website package. From strategizing & brainstorming, to wire-frames & mock-ups, to hosting & optimizing, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve already got a design, we can just start coding immediately. If your site just needs a facelift, we’ll bring it current.

Before we begin a new project, we research and evaluate your target market, target demographic, corporate goals and website goals. We carefully determine the best “funnel” through which to flow your visitors. This is commonly referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization (or CRO), an important aspect to consider.

We have talented programmers developing in jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5 & CSS3 accordng to W3 Consortium’s Web Standards. We’re adamant about staying current with Web technologies, and it’ll be evident on your site. A beautiful, interactive slideshow or demo on your homepage can really make your website look professional, but it should be created in Web-friendly languages, not Adobe Flash.

With every website we build, we incorporate an advanced keyword analysis to be sure your content and navigation are targeting search engines effectively. We build websites with smart, SEO-friendly structuring, making use of drop-down menus and information architecture. This helps ensure your content is both crawlable by Google bots, and intuitive for your visitors.

As part of our standard Web services, we install and monitor detailed website tracking systems to analyze visitor behaviors. These insights ultimately help us further improve the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). For more advanced user analysis, we can set up heat-mapping software to help visualize exactly what your website visitors are doing.

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